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If you have any Representative Queries please email our representative co-ordinator [ CLICK HERE ]

2017 YEAR 7 & 8 REPRESENTATIVE Selections

Thank you to all our 2017 trialists.  There is a lot of talent in our players and the selections were not easy as a result.

 Year 7 Team

Amelia Abernethy - Queen Margaret College

Anahera Fransen - Newlands Intermediate

Briana Parkes - Raroa Intermediate

Charlotte White - Raroa Intermediate

Grace Frueam - Newlands Intermediate

Jess Sutherland - Queen Margaret College

Mereani Frank - Tawa Intermediate

Miriam Kirby - Newlands Intermediate

Peez Daniels - Newlands Intermediate

Praise Hola - Tawa Intermediate

Shaine Su'a - Raroa Intermediate

Coach - Jane Moananu

Manager - TBC


Year 8 Team

Ashlee Nicolson - Newlands Intermediate

Caitlin Leatham - Raroa Intermediate

Eve Williamson - Raroa Intermediate

Laura Gedye - Raroa Intermediate 

Lilly Taulelei - Queen Margaret College

Pepi Olliver-Bell - Raroa Intermediate

Pippa Nicol - Queen Margaret College

Rae Lyons - St Brigids School

Ruby McAuley - Raroa Intermediate

Suizannah-Keleofa Kelekolio - Newlands Intermediate

Taimaania West - Newlands Intermediate

Coach - Safron Auelua

Manager - TBC


As advised at the second trial, the squad of 16 will work together on the below dates before a team is announced:

  • 9th April 2017 - 9.30am - 11.30am
  • 23rd April 2017 - 9.30am - 11.30am
  • 30th April 2017 - 9.30am - 11.30am


A team of 10 will be named by 1st May 2017, with twice weekly training starting on the 2nd May 2017


Both year 7 & 8 teams will practice:

  • 6.30pm - 8pm Tuesdays (Nairnville Rec Centre Khandallah)
  • 9.30am - 11.30am Sunday mornings (Newlands Intermediate turf until Newlands College courts are available). 


Players chosen in the 2017 Year 8 team need to commit to attending both the Tuesday and Sunday trainings for the rep season 2nd May - 30th July 2017.


2016 Representative Squads

year 7 team

Caitlin Leatham St Brigids School

Eve Williamson Raroa Intermediate

Laura Gedye Raroa Intermediate

Lily Taulelei Queen Margaret College

Maia Mariner Queen Margaret College

Pippa Nicol Queen Margaret College

Rae Lyons St Brigids School

Ruby McAuley Raroa Intermediate

Suizannah Kelekolio Newlands Intermediate

Taimaania West Newlands Intermediate

COACH: Safron Auelua

MANAGER: Nicki Nicol

year 8 Team

Artikah Allan Raroa Intermediate

Ashley Barr Newlands Intermediate

Caitlin Revell Raroa Intermediate

Jessica Jackson St Brigids School

Kyrah Whitman Raroa Intermediate

Lily Marshall Raroa Intermediate

Paris Tuimaseve-Fox Raroa Intermediate

Sharon Kennedy Queen Margaret College

Tui-Aroha Fransen Newlands Intermediate

Zalika Clarke Raroa Intermediate

COACH: Kiri Tuimaseve

MANAGER: Louise Marlow

YEAR 8 development TEAM


Ella Craig Queen Margaret College

Emma Bowe St Brigids School

Eve Waititi Raroa Intermediate

Geena Pombo-Vermey St Brigids School

Lucy Singer Queen Margaret College

Manon Febvre-Richards Raroa Intermediate

Paige Fairless St Brigids School

Samantha Smith Newlands Intermediate

Sophie Edwards Raroa Intermediate

Tania Guttenbeil Newlands Intermediate

Tara Monaghan Raroa Intermediate 

COACH: Rona Singer

MANAGER: Sonia Kupuri




2015 YEAR 7  Team

Samantha Smith

Ella Craig

Paris Tuimaseve-Fox

Kyrah Whitman

Artikah Allan

Tui-Aroha Fransen

Ashley Barr

Sharon Kennedy

Lily Marshall

Maya Thordarson

Eve Waititi

Coach: Kiri Tuimaseve

Manager: Marni Gaskell

2015 YEAR 7 Development Team

Blaise Clarke

Paige Fairless

Elyssa Norman

Ruhi Desai

Jessica Jackson

Tavana Taefu

Ruby Wilson

Lucy Singer

Isabelle Hewett

Tania Guttenbeil

Georgia Thirkell

Paige Fairless

Coach: Rona Singer

Manager: Sonia Kupuri 

2015 YEAR 8 Team

Maia Wilson

Amy Wills

Emma Benfell

Georgia Rhodes

Jeanie Lyons

Eleanor White

Sharlotte Singh

Tiana Edmonds

Rhiannon Bond

May Hodgkinson

Zoe Henderson

Coach: Jane Moananu

Manager: Sandy Wills


2014 YEAR 7 TEAM

Emma Benfell

Rhiannon Bond

Rose Dunn

Tiana Edmonds

Zoe Henderson

Eva Leota

Jeanie Lyons

Katelyn McStay

Eleanor White

Amy Wills

Maia Wilson

2014 YEAR 8 TEAM

Jourdan Craig

Paris Lokotui

Te Aratu Maihi

Christina Manolakakis

Ivy McLean

Georgina Moore

Sarah Neal

Grace Ohlsson

Miya Pene-Johnson

Lauren Smith

Madi Ulusele


Kaylee Alexander

Maia Alexandre

Sarai Gese Fruean

Ruby Hikuroa

Ashleigh Horton

Aaliah Masoe-James

Arshia Mathur

Lucy Poole

Shamita Prasad

Ruby Treadwell

Sophia Tweddle



Jourdan Craig,  Paris Lokotui, Te Aratu Maihi,

Christina Manolakakis, Ivy McLean, Sarah Neal,

Grace Ohlsson, Ilena Shadbolt, Lauren Smith, Sophia Tweddle.

Non-Travelling Reserves:

Isabella Gates,Ruby Hikuroa,


Sophie Compton, Ursula Crabtree, Brianna Mitchell,

Tiana Mohuanga, Charlotte Montu, Decima Schmidt,

Kushla Smith, Grace-Tanya To'oala, Darcey Wilson-Hill,

Ellen Wilson-Hill.

Non-Travelling Reserves:

Jayelle Pelasio, Olivia Wills.